Welcome to the Bonikka Family!

Our collection of beautifully handcrafted rag dolls is created around the concept of family, the bond that ties us together and through which a special kind of love and sense of responsibility are expressed. Gifting a Bonikka doll to a young one in our lives, conveys our enduring love for them,letting them know we will always stand behind them in their journey through life… just like family!

Bonikka addresses a universal need we all have for someone familiar to share experiences with, confide in, and provide comfort. The term familiar, from familiaris in Latin, literally means "to be like family”. Bonikka dolls are about exactly that; each doll is a friend, waiting to be adopted by some special child as their favorite companion, ready to provide comfort whenever needed and remind them they are indeed deeply loved.

The Birth of Bonikka

The concept for Bonikka came out of a family tradition that originated in 1895 from a simple action with great significance. The great grandfather of a Sri Lankan woman named Mano Sheriff, initially gifted a beautiful porcelain doll to his daughter; Mano’s grandmother, as she left home to begin a family of her own.

Meet the Family

Bonikka Baby

Soft and safe, this collection of dolls are designed as soothing companions for babies and toddlers. A perfect gift, the collection also includes two sets that come with baby accessories such as a bib, squeaky...

Bonikka Preschool

As kids start forming their own identities and exploring the limits of their imagination, the Bonikka Preschool Collection provides a wide selection of dolls in a variety of styles, each with their own story, as the perfect toy...

Bonikka Kids

The Bonikka Kids collection features a range of dolls that will appeal to every girl’s unique personality. With unique styles, the collection is aimed at meeting the varied emotional needs of kids as they grow...